Camping in Leiden #wceu

Continuing the tradition established by Rhys, Nuno, Jeremy, Daniel, Florian and Thomas I’d like to introduce myself as well:

My name is Slobodan, I live in Västerås, Sweden (moved here yesterday, actually) and WordPress has been a huge part of my life since 2007. The reason I fell for it is the same reason so many people have when they chose WordPress over any other CMS – its simplicity. The reason I stuck with it is a bit more complicated, though. At the time I started learning about WordPress development I was studying for a profession I didn’t really care for, doing a job I didn’t feel like doing, desperately looking for a way to change my life.

Turns out, WordPress was my way out and that’s why I’m so crazy about it staying as easy to use as it is now, if not easier. I honestly think that if WordPress’ learning curve was steeper than it is, lives of so many WordPress professionals, mine included, wouldn’t be as good as they are now. So if you’re not a fan of stupid, mile-long options pages, blurred lines between themes and plugins, anything that prevents you from being able to just publish and worry about what you’re publishing vs. how you’re publishing it, I would love to meet you in Leiden.

I’ll arrive in Leiden on Friday evening, so if you’d like to discuss any of these, please get in touch:

  • Theme development and blurred lines between themes and plugins
  • Challenges of selling organic themes (organic = would pass theme review) in WordPress marketplaces
  • Contributing to WordPress – see you at Contributors Day
  • NBA, cause new season is right around the corner 🙂

You can connect with me on Twitter, or you can send me an email, whichever is easier for you. See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Camping in Leiden #wceu”

  1. Have a great time in Leiden. I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of great people who appreciate simplicity and share your philosophy.

    Looking forward to reading more about WordCamp Europe and your experiences.

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