Let’s Release a Plugin Together

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend WordCamp Norway. It was my first WordCamp since the big one in Leiden last October and even though this one was smaller in numbers the vibe was the same. It was so great to see some of the familiar faces again. The only things missing were North End pub and poor Wi-Fi :)

As much as I loved WordCamp Europe, looking back I feel like I blew it. Coming back I was full of ideas, planned to get in touch with people I met and build all those cool things speakers were talking about, blog about it and who knows what else, but it didn’t really happen. I really want this time to be different.

Last February Tom McFarlin, Pippin Williamson and Andrew Norcross did something similar when they released Comments Not Replied To plugin. For added degree of difficulty they did it during a WordCamp, which makes it even more awesome.

If you’re a developer thinking about releasing a plugin, let’s do it together. I’m sure we can learn from each other while doing it.

Main reason I want to do something like this is so I could work with another WordPress developer. I really love my job, but I’m the only WordPress person there and that’s hardly ideal if getting better at WordPress, as fast as possible, all the time, is your goal.

A few things though, it has to be free, released to wordpress.org repository and lean. Other than that, anything goes. So, let’s do it together. Leave a comment or send me a tweet if you’re interested.

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